Best ESG Initiative

Category open to: All accommodation providers in Victoria, recognising leadership through initiatives which demonstrate a distinct commitment to caring for our people and our planet.

This award acknowledges best practise and/or innovation in Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives.

JUDGING: Assessment of written criteria.


Documents required for submission:

  • A written response describing the judging criteria below.
  • Supporting documents and images, where relevant.

Judges will be assessing the following points in your written submission:

Organisation Profile

  • Outline your organisation profile and any relevant background information, including:
  • Organisational structure and operating environment.
  • Current market share and position in the industry.
  • Key markets your organisation serves.

ESG Initiative

  • Describe your initiative and which pillar it falls under.
  • Describe how this initiative is best practise and/or innovative, relative to your individual property or the wider accommodation industry.
  • Describe how your initiative aligns with the strategy objectives of your hotel.
  • Describe the key elements of the initiative, its goals and objectives.
  • Describe the planning, research and development process that was undertaken to support the initiative.
  • Please indicate whether the initiative was a local initiative or directed from national/global offices. Outline what elements of the initiative were driven locally (list the team/s involved).
  • Describe the key performance indicators to monitor progress.

Execution of initiative

  • Outline how the initiative was implemented.
  • Outline any challenges overcome, insights and/or learnings that led to successful implementation.
  • Outline the most important factors that led to the success of the initiative/s.
  • Describe how your team contributed to the outcome. How did the team and/or stakeholders collaborate?


  • Provide measurable outcomes that demonstrate the success of the initiative.
  • Provide any available data that supports the outcome. This could include increased customer satisfaction, changes in customer behaviour, increased sales/uptake, increased loyalty or engagement or increased brand exposure.
  • Describe any commercial, social or environmental benefits achieved.
  • Describe the results that may bring additional value to your organisation and/or the industry.
  • Outline the key learnings for the organisation.

Supporting documents

  • Any necessary data or evidence
  • Innovation planning and implementation documents
  • Data that supports the outcome (customer, financial, operational or market performance)
  • Supporting image(s)


Accommodation Awards

Hotels can only nominate in one accommodation specific category (e.g. Deluxe Accommodation Hotel of the Year) per venue.

Cost: $150 + Reimbursement to cover the cost of anonymous property judging.

Onsite Offering Awards

Hotels can make multiple nominations in the Onsite Offering Awards categories (e.g. Deluxe Restaurant of the Year, Hotel Bar of the Year, Hotel Club Lounge and Hotel Spa of the Year).

Cost: $150 + Reimbursement to cover the cost of anonymous property judging.